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Mediation of Child Custody Agreement in Divorce Mediation

When parents divorce or separate, custody can be a hot button issue, and mediation can protect the interests of both the parents and child.  To say the least, negotiating the custody agreement is often a difficult experience for all involved, especially the children.  Generally, it is optimal for parents to reach an agreement outside the courtroom in a less contentious environment … Read more

What is the Value of a JD/MBA An Attorney's Take on Dual Law and Business Degrees

Before and after law school, many people consider attending business school, either at a different college or through a joint JD/MBA program (dual degree JD/MBA). Interest in dual JD and MBA degrees can be attributed to either career objectives or personal interests. In spite of this growing trend, I have heard many legal professionals criticize joint JD/MBA programs. But, as an attorney who has actually earned an MBA from the nation’s top business school, I wholeheartedly disagree. My experience at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business has proven one of the most pivotal points in my career… Read more

What is the Estate Tax Exemption? A Post-Tax Reform Look at Estate Planning

Perhaps unwittingly, President Benjamin Franklin best distilled the reason for estate planning when he said, “[N]othing can be said to be certain, except for death and taxes.” The estate tax exemption is a keen example of how these certainties collide… Read more

C-Corporation versus Pass-Through Entity: How the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Defines the Entrepreneur's Decision

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), tax reform legislation enacted in 2017, has altered the landscape for the entrepreneur and existing business owners. Before TCJA, the C-corporation faced a top combined federal income tax rate of 50.5%, comprised of a 35% corporate tax rate and 23.8% rate on dividends. In contrast, the pass-through entity[1]had a maximum U.S. federal tax rate of 39.6%.[2]… Read more

Love Lasting after Life: How and Why Community Property Trusts Trim Prices over Time

When your time ends, costs such as tax collection eat away at your family’s legacy. Preserving money for your family’s welfare, community property trusts can reduce the price of taxation and minimize the amount of money “donated” to the IRS… Read more

Post-Nuptial Planning: The Next Steps for Newly Married Couples

The vows have been exchanged, the thank you cards have been sent, and the honeymoon is over … Now, the real adventure begins. Marriage is a great opportunity for couples to start fresh and plan for their futures. Preparing for the wedding, newlyweds take account of their assets as they consolidate households. They often open new bank accounts, combine their bills, and prepare to file joint returns… Read more

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