Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Civil & Divorce Mediation

Through Mediation, Star Q offers both entities and individuals a means to alleviate conflict, identify reasonable solutions, and prevent unnecessary harm.  Mediation offers clients a dispute resolution alternative to potentially save time, minimize costs, and maintain control of the process.  Mediation can be a swift alternative to the lengthy and potentially expensive judicial process.  Both government and commercial entities benefit from the assistance of mediators who facilitate the dialogue and help parties reach agreements.  Families and individuals can also benefit from mediation in divorce and private disputes, reducing the impact on children and finances.

Business Transactions

Holding an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth and an LLM in Taxation from NYU Law, Star uses her elite credentials and diverse legal experience to address a variety of business and organizational matters, formulating effective strategies for her clients.  From business formation to contract review, Star Q walks clients through various stages of business.  Providing full spectrum legal advice, Star Q supports each client’s strategic development and success.

Military Veteran Disability Benefits

As a military veteran and military wife, Star knows the challenges of transitioning from military to civilian life.  Most military members take great pride in their service to the American people and do not easily admit physical weakness.  Star helps fellow veterans understand and appreciate their battle scars, including less understood conditions invisible to the naked eye. Star aims to equip clients with tools necessary in appealing VA decisions and ensuring a proper disability rating.  Since those struggling with illness and disability are often least equipped to advocate for themselves, Star is passionate about giving each member a voice.

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