Reciprocity - A Business & Dispute Resolution Tool

What some call the Golden Rule can prove a valuable tool in business.  Matthew 7:12 talks about treating others as we wish to be treated.  While this can benefit our personal lives, it also highlights the dynamic of reciprocity and its value in business negotiations, company management, and dispute resolution.

Employee vs. Independent Contractor

California has unique employment laws that not only affect liability, but also impact tax obligations.

Documentation for the VA

Active Duty Military & Military Veterans – Your military service is invaluable.  Documenting medical conditions during and after service helps ensure you and your family are afforded the benefits to which you are entitled.

Business Planning & Legal Awareness

Business Ownership Requires Legal Awareness and Strategic Planning.

Planning for the Unexpected .. True Value of an Advisor

Consideration of why having a legal advisor can improve a business’s performance.

The Landlord's LLC

Evaluating the benefits of a limited liability company when investing in rental property.

Why Mediation?

A discussion on the value of mediating disputes, addressing the issues of time, money, and control.

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